You have done it again, you are expecting!!

So first there is the excitement, then… there is the realisation, having two of them! This month I am going to be talking about ‘Two’ Mummy Monday, all about having your second child.

Part 1:

So you have just found out that you are going to have another one…

What now?

Spend time with your first born. Going out and being with them will soon change, so enjoy this time as it is special.

Before you start to show, tell them. Get them involved from early on. Take them to scans, show them pictures of themselves as babies so they start to understand that there will be a new member of the family soon. Try and get them excited about it too. However young they are, they will understand so keep talking to them.

Prepare your home. Get a head start, cleaning, stocking up cupboard foods. Wash clothes, prepare as much as you can. When the second one arrives time becomes so limited. Going about your day with little sleep is even harder as you have the older one to look after, resting is difficult.

Make time for you. You will get all the symptoms of being pregnant, but this time you have another little person who is depending on you! If you can get time to yourself, make the most of it.

Moving rooms? We had to move little lady from the nursery to her ‘big girl’ room. If you can do this before the baby comes they don’t feel like they are being moved because of the baby. We got lots of wall stickers and made a huge fuss of moving day. Making sure she took herĀ personal belongings from herĀ old room, like her toys and blanket.

Gifts from your new baby to your older child. Buy a gift from your new baby for their brother or sister. When they come to the hospital to see the baby for the first time, give it to them. You could buy them a baby toy so they can change the toy nappy when you are changing the new baby’s nappy. This gift would depend on the age gap between the two. You know them best, so follow your instinct.

Let me know if there is anything you want to know about this month, hope this helps.






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