Summer Holidays…

Oh My……

The summer holidays have begun. Before I had children it meant an extra 10 minutes of sleep as there would be less traffic on the road.

Now as a parent… I worry… 6 weeks in the house with us. What will I do every day? How will I keep them entertained? It has only been a few hours and little lady and little man are already fighting over who gets to play with a tennis ball.

This is what I am planning to do this summer to help me from going crazy in the house.

1. Plan my week. 

Having a plan always motivates me. Stops me from wasting the day.

2. Arrange outings in advance.

Know where you are going. If you will need tickets. How long it will take. Planning meals and modes of transport to avoid any disappointment.

3. Try to maintain structure/routine. 

Often the holidays come round and meal times, bath times, bed times go out of the window. This is disruptive for you and for them. You have less time to relax in the evenings if bed times are getting later and later and also adjusting back can also take time.

4. Go online to find inspiration. 

There are so many things on in your local area, if you are stuck, look online., are both good places to start if you want to go out. has great ideas if you want to do things at home.

5. Go to classes.

There are so many available during summer. I like to go to the earlier sessions as they tend to be less busy. If you can, sign up so you are committed.

I will keep you posted as to what I get up to with my baba’s this summer.


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