Sofa Diary

Being on the sofa 24/7 gives me time to think… sit… switch off.

I have now been on the sofa for almost a month, as a result I have been through a range of emotions, gutted, angry, helpless, not needed, replaceable, lonely, loved, happy, calm… basically a roller-coaster. One that Mr.Man unfortunately, has had to bear the brunt of. It was only when my Mum said think of him, the change he has had to go through I really started to understand. While I have had to be stuck on a sofa, over night…. he has had to run the house, over night (my mum is here so he does have help).

We say we live in a ‘modern world’ but in my home we have very stereotypical roles, Mr. Man goes to work, while I work part time so do the bulk of the home making. Laundry, shopping, child care, cooking etc etc. While being here it has made me appreciate the army that has come to my side and help us over the last month. As well as the fast that, life goes on. The children will be fine. I have to ‘Let go’ what is out of my control.

Being in this position has made me realise that whatever life throws at us… we can get through it.

If you are in this position what could help? Injury may not be the reason you are unable to do your day to day job… whatever the reason is here are a few things that help me.

  • Take help.
  • Let it go.
  • Watch TV, Read, Pod casts all help to pass time
  • Talk about your emotions. 
  • Try and achieve one thing a day, so you feel better. No matter how small.
  • Know your family will be ok, while you look after yourself for a while
  • There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This time will come to an end.  




Monday: Wake up, come down stairs, sit, eat repeat, watch TV, read, eat dinner, go up, sleep.

Tuesday; Wake up, come down, get grumpy about the state of the house, eat, play sofa games with the children, eat, go up sleep.

Wednesday; Wake up, be lazy, watch way too much TV, eat, sleep. 

Thursday; The same as above!!!

Friday; Spent most of the day looking forward to visitors coming over in the evening. Had a great evening, really happy!!

Saturday; More Visitors today….. played with the children, had yummy lunch! Another wonderful evening. 

Sunday; Eat, sleep chill repeat! 


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