Where shall I feed my baby?

The best time to do things are when you baby is little, they are not running around, drink only milk and sleep most of the time. At this time even leaving the house can be challenging. When you manage to get out and there are other concerns, what are the changing rooms like? Mainly where will I nurse my baby, if you are breast feeding.

The first thing I would say is always carry a muslin/a cover. So when they are hungry you can feed them discreetly. This may help you feel a little more comfortable too.

The first few times you do it, it can be nerve racking. Who will watch you? What will people think or say? To be honest most of the time people don’t even notice.

Try and find a seat in the corner, that always helped me, but the other thing I used to do when our children were young was feeding them in the changing room (please dont judge me). Yes the changing room. Most shops have them and there is a seat and a curtain/door. While I am pretty sure the shop I was in did not appreciate it. My baby needed to be feed.


If you need to feed your little one you need to feed them. I remembered, how I used to do this when I recently when shopping with my cousin and her new born baba.

Ultimately where ever you feed your baby, try not to be shy. As you are only feeding your baby.



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