Sardinian food…

We have just returned from a six day holiday to Sardinia!

I got there and wondered, how I would eat pizza and pasta for six days, well let me tell you…. It was an absolute pleasure.

The food was amazing! If you are a foodie, who enjoys Italian food this location is a must. We spent time in the northern and southern part of the island.

Restaurants all open late, from about 7:30 (beware if you have very young children), having said that all the places we went to were more than happy to accommodate children. We went off peak so spent lots of time with locals. Not everyone spoke English, but I liked that.

Pizza! Pasta! Sea-food! Coffee! If you like any of these…. Go!


sardinia 3




sardinia 1


sardinia 4


The food was spectacular. Sardinia also has its own type of cuisine, which is particularly yummy! We tried a pasta dish called ‘fregula’ thinking of it makes my mouth water.

All in all- a foodie heaven!

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