Rainforest cafe, worth a visit?

Rainforest cafe is a place in London known to provide a great experience for children, so last week Mr.Man and I thought we would go and check it out..

Here is what we thought.

We called to make a reservation and we were told they only take bookings for large groups. We would have to go and wait for a table. This worried me, the idea of standing in line with two young children, Sunday lunch-time… not my idea of a ‘good time’. Mr.Man pointed out, we had wanted to go for a while, so should brave it and go.

We drove but it is really close to the train and bus stations so would be fine if you wanted to take public transport.

We got there at 12:15pm, time for lunch and…… there was no line!! They took us down and seated us right way. Result!

Their service was fantastic. Really geared towards children. They sat us down with crayons and colouring. When I told them the children were hungry they took their food order right away and by the time we had walked around the restaurant the food had arrived.

Walked around? The whole cafe is designed like a rainforest. There is vegetation on all the walls and amidst it are different artificial animals making sounds of the jungle. The restaurant is large and on two floors so guests are invited to walk around and look at all of the animated animals, they really excited little man. To add to your experience there are also pretend thunderstorms, this was not so much of a hit with little man who cried every time. Little lady was absolutely fascinated.

When our food arrived, I must say I was a little disappointed. It really wasn’t anything to rave about, I found it bland, poorly presented and expensive for what it was. I think you pay more for the experience than the food.

There were a few tables celebrating birthdays, and all the staff gathered round and sang… Little lady was keen to return for her own birthday.

Overall, I would say it is worth a visit, at least once. The atmosphere was great and the surroundings unique and fun. I wouldn’t necessarily return for the food but the experience really is a good one. Warning – the gift shop is the top floor, where you enter and exit from.

We are looking forward to trying some other child friendly restaurants. I will keep you informed of my thoughts, once we try them.



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