Point system

If things are tough… try a point system.

I have only recently appreciated the value of a sticker chart or a point system.

Little lady needed motivation to do more chores in the house and improve her behaviour. Since joining school in September, she has been changing and mostly for the better. However, we have had some reoccurring behaviour ¬†that we really didn’t like, so we wanted to motivate her to improve.

At first I would ask, then pled, shout…. Like any good five year old, my voice was white noise. Ignored!

I decided to do a point system. I took a piece of paper, wrote her name at the top… and explained the rules of the game.

  1. If you behave you get a point.
  2. If you listen and help you get a point.
  3. If you misbehave, these points will be taken away.
  4. When you get to 10 you can get a treat of your choice.

So, the change initially happened over night. She was so determined to get to 10, it was brilliant. Along the way she did lose some points (lucky for me she wanted to earn that back), she improved quickly and got them back.

It is such a simple way to motivate her, I wanted to share it with you. There are obviously many ways to tailor this to your little one to get what you need from them.


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