Please don’t notice that bump..

The baby bump, the one that is surrounded with sweet smiles, happy glances, touches (wanted and unwanted) and lots of excited questions. Then the┬ábaby arrives and everyones attention is on the new arrival, as is yours. You also may have some attention on your bump. One that doesn’t go away instantly (unless you are super lucky) and the one that you are wanting to cover. So what can you wear?

Post-bump fashion.

  1. Your husbands oversized t-shirts and a vest top- Seriously this is what all new mums wear, and it looks great. It is easy to wash and doesn’t look bad when it is creased. No one has time to iron.
  2. Shirts- Shirts are great to wear, they are comfortable and you can un-botton them to nurse.
  3. Cardigans- Are a great layer to add, they are not very tight and once again allow access to nurse
  4. Keep your maternity trousers- Your normal trousers will fit soon, until then keep them. They are comfortable and they look good.
  5. Leggings- You can wear them around the house
  6. Longer tops- Short tops ride up and make you conscious of your bump.
  7. Spanks- Seriously when you need them go to them. We all do!
  8. Buy a few items that you can mix and match, that make you feel good, right now. Just do it!


  1. Accept you had a baby, that is amazing. Try not to spend to much time focusing on your bump. It will go. Remember why it is there.
  2. Be prepared to buy new clothes so you can feel good.
  3. It took 9 months to make, so give it time to go. If you get caught up in the lets get rid of the bump, constantly, life just is not fun. So, as Elsa would say ‘let it go’ it will go.

If you are someone that is not bothered, or effected by the post-baby bump…. You are so lucky. If you have a bump left that you are not happy about, I don’t think you are the minority. Eat well, and when you are ready do some excercise. Other than that hope the tips help.





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