Pesto Pasta

As your family grows dishes that are quick and yummy are important to make your life easy but the ones that you ALL enjoy eating well… they are priceless! Pesto Pasta is one of those dishes for my family. I serve it with some green salad and garlic bread.

You will need (serves 4):


Pesto I use the classic green pesto, small jar

Peppers any colour diced (you can use any other veg you like)

Philadelphia cheese 200g (cream cheese)



Heat olive oil in a pan (I use a spoon to lift the extra oil from the top if the pesto jar), Add Italian herbs and garlic.
Stir fry your choice of veg (I used peppers)
Add the jar of pesto, ( if you have more time you could make your own pesto)
Cook through and then add Philadelphia cheese, stir through thoroughly.
Add salt and paper to taste, if you want some spice you can add chilli flakes. Add the cooked pasta and serve!

This pasta also tastes great cold. So we also make when we go on a picnic or a side for at a BBQ.


Pesto Pasta

Make it with a twist:

  • Use it as a salad, add some leaves once the pasta cools down. 
  • Use it as a side and serve with some grilled chicken.
  • Add some flaked fish to the Pasta.



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