Pesto Pasta

I don’t actually know a child, who doesn’t love pasta. Actually… I don’t know that many adults that don’t love pasta. This is a dish for the whole family.

Pesto is a green sauce that originates in Genoa. Most pesto is made from basil. While in Italy I was also offered rocket pesto. Both are equally yummy.

If you don’t like pesto…. Maybe, you haven’t tried the right one for you. I always pick fresh pesto, over the jar. It is so much tastier than the jar. I think pesto pasta tastes great cold too!

You will need:

Boil pasta (al dente of course)
Add your fresh pesto and stir. You can make pesto at home.
Salt and pepper to taste
Before serving mix in a hand full of rocket, the peppery leaf makes a world of difference to the pasta.

Pesto Pasta

Serve with garlic bread or salad… Or both! Eat the left overs next day cold for lunch!

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