Out and about with a bottle fed baby

Going out and about with a bottle fed baby can be tough: learning to carry everything you need; knowing when to keep the milk ready, at the right time and at the right temperature!
Here are some tips that I have gained from my personal experience.

You will need;
Powder Or Ready-made milk cartons

Bottles, can be pre sterilised or washed and kept in your bag

Water, to get and keep it at the right temperature I use to boil the water and let it cool… To the right temperature for my baba and keep it in a thermos. This is key for giving them milk at the right time. It avoids having to find places that will heat or cool your milk, which is even more stressful when baba is hungry.

Powder, I love the 3 section powder container. They are so handy and you can store enough feeds so you can be out a long while. Which ever one you decide to get, make sure that it is secure when shut.

Ready made cartons, are super handy. The pro– they are pre made so you can just pour and go. Fewer things to carry. The con– If your baby needs warm milk then you have to find a way to heat it.

Heating milk on the go: 
Most food and drink places will give you hot water so you can hold your bottles in it to heat up the milk

Cooling milk on the go: 
Ask the place to give you ice water, it cools the milk so much faster.

If your baby is drinking cows milk, all coffee places can give you a cup of warm milk so you can transfer it to your babas bottle.

So planning is key, along with preparation. Going out with a new little person can be daunting. Practice makes perfect… SO … Keep going out. You will feel so much better for it. Enjoy your week.


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