No snack on the floor….

When your children are young and you are weaning them, they always seem to be surrounded by food, only half ends up in their mouth. Once they finish, out comes the dust pan and brush…and this happens between 4-10 times a day!

When visiting the USA recently my friend introduced me to the “snack catcher”. No snack on the floor… I wanted to HUG her. They are not that common in the U.K, or maybe I haven’t noticed them around. They really are a back-saving way to let your child have their snack. I haven’t seen them in the shops since I got back but… Managed to find them on Amazon. The Munchkin snack catcher. The lid is soft so your baba’s hand can fit in to pull the snack out. If you tip the cup…. none of the snack will fall out as it catches the snack.

This snack container is a convenient way to let your child snack through the day. They can be used in the house but they really come into their own when you are traveling. It is suitable from ages 1+ and comes in a  range of colours. As well as reducing the mess on the floor it is also good for their manual dexterity, as they have to learn to get the food out. It is also super easy to clean.

I am in love with our snack catcher!

What do I put in it?

  • Cereal
  • Small biscuits
  • Chunks of fruit
  • Granola
  • Cheese
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Dried Fruit

You can almost put anything in. So if you have a little baba or know someone who has a little baba this is an essential!


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