Mum of Two, Part 4

Mum of two….Staying in with two children is completely different than staying in with one, unless… you have twins, you have been having this battle from the first day. I found is quite hard making sure both of my children get enough attention. I think, like most  mothers I am also too hard on myself.

Staying in with two young children can be a struggle when both of them are demanding your attention. When they want you and your time. Here are six mechanisms that helped me.

1. Spend lots of time with the older child when the younger is napping. 

2. Have days out with just one child. You are at home with just one, giving you more quality time with that baba. 

3. Play with them together, this will also teach them to play together.

4. If you can, try and get an early start. 

5. Plan your day, with some form of itinerary of which activity takes place where and when. 

6. If the weather allows plan outdoor activities utilising the space have available. 

Children are hardier than we give them credit for. Just do your best, that is all you can do.



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