Mothers Day

Mothers Day!

It is less than one week away. In the UK it will be celebrated next Sunday… 15th March.

You always know how much your mum does for you.
You always know that you couldn’t be ‘you’ without her.
But, I don’t think until you are a mother yourself you fully appreciate the sentiment!!!

So it’s that day! The day that YOU can show YOUR MUMMY how much she means to you. While some people argue ‘it is a commercial day, you should show her everyday’ blah blah blah. The truth is we get so busy and caught up with our own lives that we just don’t. So make the most of this ‘commercial day’ and show her. It doesn’t even have to be a huge overblown gesture, just a phone call would be enough..just a hug would be enough… But, if you want to do something a little extra…

Whether you are a mum or celebrating for your mum here are a few of my ideas;

A card and a home cooked meal, the classic breakfast in bed!
Pamper her at home, you could give her a massage or paint her nails.
Bunch of flowers and home cooked meal.
Pamper her at home, run a hot bath.
Personalised gift, I love the ideas from, and a meal out.
Spa treatment, a meal at a swanky restaurant. The classic breakfast in bed! (you can’t ever go wrong with that one).
Experience gift e.g A red letter day.

Whatever it is you choose to do I hope your Mum loves it!

If you are a Dad planning a day for your children here are some ideas for you…

You have babies – 3 year olds: I know they are celebrating because of the little baba but I am sure they would love a few hours away! Just for them. A long shower, Spa treatment, some quite time, or just a long lie in! Remember those?? Being a new Mum or a Mum who has very young demanding children would enjoy some ‘me time’.

Your babas are 3 years – 10 years: Plan a fun day out where the children have fun too. We all know when the children are happy we are happy! Why not go to a local zoo? If the weather is good. A film or a pub lunch if the weather is not on your side.

Your babies are 10 years+ ( yes they will always be your baby!):  a relaxing day, followed by dinner at a restaurant that she loves! Being together making memories and making sure the lady that does everything for you knows how much she means to you all!

Outside the box, think of something she liked to do before her life became her children. Ask your children what they think she would like. I think you will be shocked at the great ideas that they come up with.

If you choose to do nothing at all…The best gift…. Would be a huge hug and kiss, and maybe a few heart-felt words in a card!! I know snuggles are my personal favourite!

Happy Mother’s Day


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