Mexican Quinoa

Mexican Quinoa…. You need to try this one.

Quinoa is marketed as a superfood, it is also super tasty, a complete protein, wheat free and now readily available.

You will need;

  • One onion diced
  • Three cloves of minced garlic
  • One small tin of sweetcorn
  • One tin of black-beans
  • Tin of chopped tomato
  • Coriander and green chilli to taste
  • One jar of Mexican sauce (you can pick one that you like, fajita or enchilada)
  • One pack of Mexican taco powder (once again, you can pick the one you like)
  • Soak 3/4 cup of quinoa in water for an hour.

Heat oil in a pan add in the diced onion and minced garlic, give it a quick stir. Add in the sweetcorn and black-bean.

Once the onions are soft add in the tin of tomatoes, stir and cook the mixture until it thickens, a little.

Add in the taco power. Cook the mixture.

Add in the quinoa as well as the jar of Mexican sauce. Once it comes to the boil you may need to add more boiling water (as you need) until it is cooked. You will know it is cooked as the quinoa will split. Add the coriander and chilli. Serve hot. I love eating a bowl of just this. It also tastes good the next day as the flavours develop.

Mexican Quinoa

How to serve?

1. You can have this with bread as it is a thick consistency

2. Have with Nachos

3. Make a Mexican salad to go with it

4. Serve with grilled chicken

5. Avocado slices on the top


Once again if you make this I would love to know how you served it and if you liked it. Why not Instagram me your dish?!


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