Making your children eat healthy food…

Most children see healthy food and, pull the face, you know ‘the face’…. I am not eating that, good luck getting that down me, no!

Here are five tips to help try and get it down them.

  1. Start young, the younger the better. When they are young it is easier to feed them and get them used to different tastes. The older the get, more persuasion is required.
  2. Disguise it. Blend vegetables into pasta sauce, blend one veg into a fruit puree/smoothie.
  3. Eat it with them, if you aren’t eating it you can’t expect them to.
  4. Encourage them just to try it. This is half the battle won!
  5. Reward them trying rather than punish not eating, which you could just ignore and take the food away. Positive reinforcement!

There is so much pressure on modern parents, I also feel we are also more aware as to what we should/shouldn’t be feeding our children. From sugar warnings on breakfasts to the chocolate free schools. Making your rules for your family can be difficult, balance is key. When mine come home from school a naughty treat is given after a healthy treat. Whatever you try good luck.


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