Keeping it real!

Keeping it real! As a Mum.

Firstly…. Happy New Year!!! I have decided 2017 is going to be awesome…..

Sorry I have been a little awol things have been crazy. We have had a very close family wedding, I decided to host Christmas for twenty one of us and had a NYE party. As well as the day to day running around, cooking, cleaning and laundry, oh the laundry!!! How two little people manage to go through so many clothes is still a mystery to me.

All of this resulted in me being over whelmed and something had to give and sadly it was my blog, and a few other bits (if you open a cupboard in my house… you better be ready to catch, thing have just been pushing in) To be honest as a Mum…. I often find that I sacrifice things that make me happy, or that I enjoy so that my family can function. It’s a hit I am happy to take. Also, something that makes me appreciate my own Mum and the effort/ sacrifice she would have gone through day in day out. I also now know, as a Mum myself, it is something she would have done happily.

Seeing the things I have let slide over the last month or two, has made me realise I want to get a few things in to order. Add value to my life so I can add value to my family. So, this is to an awesome 2017!!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic year ahead.


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