Juggling so many balls…

5 things that make my day more productive….

As a parent we are juggling so many balls all the time. We even drop one sometimes, and don’t realise! Until…. The deadline and then mad rush starts.

I have never been a particularly organised person. Always doing things at the last second and delaying, everything!
I wanted to make a change as a parent. To do this I had to find things that motivate me. You, are probably motivated by different things to me, try and spend time and find out what motivates you! It really helps you achieve your goals. Here are 5 things that really help me have a good day. The days that I don’t do this I really notice the difference.

1. Wake up before the children. If I get 30 minutes is the morning, the whole morning runs so much better. One load of laundry is done, lunches made and I am ready!
2. Make a list, a realistic one. Completing this, reaffirms what you have achieved that day.
3. Make time for a break during the day. You deserve it. It also re-energises you.
4. Don’t delay the task that you need to do. “I will do that later” adds to your list.. which is already never ending. If you have a minute just do it!
5. Get an early night. Sleep Sleep Sleep!!!

Hope this helps you. A good day give me a real sense of satisfaction.

What helps you?


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