Italian pesto chicken

When you are busy you and you still need to put a meal on the table and a ready meal seems like a lazy meal.. ‘Jazz it up’.

I often get ready made pizza and add some fresh toppings, it really makes you feel like you made an effort and at the end of the  crazy day when you sit down to eat, you may enjoy your meal a little more.

I often ‘jazz up’ some ready made/jar food. One of the things I do is add fresh items into pesto.

Italian pesto chicken is something I make a few batches of as it is so versatile, I add it to pasta to make dinner. I also make a sandwich/toastie from it. I sometimes just put it into a wrap with salad. It is easy and quick to make.

You will need;

Chicken (I diced a breast piece)

Garlic – a clove finely chopped

Italian herbs

Chili flakes

Jar of pesto of your choice – in the image I have used fiery chilli but you can use classic green or any other that you like. It has to be pesto so that you get the right consistency from the sauce.

Vegetables of your choice (if you want). I like mushrooms and spinach or peppers.

  • Heat oil in a pan, just a little as pesto often has quite a lot of oil. When the oil is warm add the italian herbs and chilli flakes. Give it a quick mix, add in the garlic, one more quick mix add in the chicken and vegetables. You can add the vegetables later if you like them a little crunchy.
  • Half cook the chicken and add in the pesto. Then cook it through.
  • Sauce is ready.

Chicken pesto



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