Is Sponge Bob stressing my child out?

In a day and age where children readily have access to media, what effect does it have on them?

We have been travelling recently and often turn to the iPad to save our bacon… But what does this do to our children? How does what they watch and use affect their behaviour? Do we then get upset with that said behaviour, and is it what we have let them watch or use that has led to the behaviour?

Little lady is 3 she can unlock the iPad and navigate through the apps to find her apps. Recently we have noticed she can use Youtube, Netflix and other apps that also have adult content.

I typically try not to let my children watch too much TV but there are times when I use it as a babysitter and a learning tool.

While on holiday recently she was watching cartoons that were not in my opinion made for her age group, i.e. Sponge Bob Square Pants. Is Sponge Bob stressing my child out? After watching Sponge Bob she was hyper, jumping around and also angrier than normal. I noticed the same behaviour the next day when she watched the same cartoon. US tv shows allow more violence to be shown, which is edited out in the UK (same cartoon same episode). When children are not used to watching this how does it affect them. In hotel rooms where a whole range of channels are not available as parents this is something that we need to be aware of.

At home she watches CBeebies, all the programmes are educational and her behaviour doesn’t get to the extremes it did while on holiday.

So what can we do as parents to help our babas and us.

Try to watch the film or show with them so you understand the message that it gives your child. Often once you have watched it you will know if this is what you are happy with allowing your child to watch.  

Try using the app that they use before you let them use it. You can find great educational apps which are the ones that you want your baba to use. 

Have you noticed this change or is it just me? What apps do you love?

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