Injured Mum

I recently fell (I am an injured Mum), as a result I have completely torn a tendon. As a result I have been told to rest and elevate my foot. Basically I can not and am not to move.

The last two weeks have been a complete rollercoster. I have been on crutches and unable to move. It has given me lots of time to think and go crazy.

At the end of the first week, I was sitting on the sofa an started thinking…

As a Mum we (I do) have the days where we feel like we haven’t done anything, in actual fact we are all doing really well. It is only when we have to completely stop we have time to realise how much it is we do. It has also made me personally realise that children really just need time, time with me and what I miss the most is playing with them.

As I sit on the sofa, I realise at those moments at the end of the day, where I feel like a bad Mum, my children are bathed, feed, wearing clean clothes, the laundry is almost done, house is mostly clean above all my family is loved. So, admitedly at this moment there are still toys everywhere and at least three more load of laundry to be done. But all in all it has been a productive day and, we are raising humans and it is not an easy job. 

As your child’s primary carer, how do you have time to realise this anyway. You are always busy.

Hope reading this makes you feel like a super Mum, even in those moments when you feel like you are not.



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