hug it out….

Hugging, makes everything better…

We have two children, lucky for us…. they have reached the age where they fight or bicker over every single thing!!!

The toy that has been sitting there for hours, one touches it and how they both want it.

The statements, mine is bigger or I have more is cause for a war, every single time. I am sitting there or I did it first are fighting words and the start of yet another battle…. the list goes on.

How do we sort this out?

So I started with, please stop….

Then we sat them down and explained….

I went to rolling my eyes and placing them in different corners, where they would sit giving each other the worst looks. Get up and within a minute start again.

I keep thinking, it is a phase and they will grow out of it.

Well, about three weeks ago, they were at it again, so I decided that they should hug it out. I told them both to stand and hug for three minutes, The did not enjoy the first minute and then they forgot they were angry at each other. They wanted to play but had to stand and hug for their full time. So they did. They obviously went and had another tiff, but they had to hug again. They have to hug it out every time.

It has made a huge difference to out family. Hope it helps you. Hugging is so much more fun than squabbling.  The last few weeks have been so much better. They fight less and my mood is much better as I am not splitting them up, every time they have an altercation.

Hug it out…. our new moto.