How do single parents do it?

This is a quick post with one (I need to get back to my Little man) aimed at all those single parents out there…. you are amazing.

I have two children and a loving supportive Mr. Man and an amazing network of family and friends who always are here to support us and help.

Today Little Man has been ill, so I have been at home with him, mean while Little lady and Mr. Man have been out, allowing me to give our son all of my attention. We have been given food by family, giving me yet more time to look after him. While looking after him and focusing on his needs I was wondering……. how do the single parents do it?

They are all around us and they do, do it! Being a parent is hard work and often there is no one around telling you, that you are doing a great job… So if you are reading this and you are one of those parents that has had a hard day… Well done for getting through it. You are amazing!


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