Healthy Mogo

Mogo, also known as cassava is found quite readily in London now. Even my local supermarket has it. You can get it fresh or frozen. Cassava is a root vegetable, that is a good source of carbohydrates and is tastier than a potato. It can be cooked in may different ways, steamed, baked, fried. It tastes like a potato but slightly sweeter.

I enjoy this in so many forms, this is one of the new ways we enjoy it…

Chilli garlic mogo, you can replace the garlic for ginger. Both ways taste good.

You will need

  • Cassava, (I use frozen as I think it is easier to cook and requires a lot less preparation. Also if the fresh cassava you buy is old, the texture changes, it becomes stiff and chewy. I haven’t had that problem with the frozen type) steamed. It should look translucent when ready. Chop it into bite size pieces.
  • Minced Garlic/Ginger
  • Chilli flakes
  • Dry red chilli
  • Coriander chopped
  • Fresh lemon
  • Cumin powder
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper

Marinade the cassava pieces. Get a bowl and add in the olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste, a little lemon zest and juice. Mix in the paste of garlic or ginger which ever you have decided to go for. Add the coriander, chilli fakes and red dry chilli, cumin powder. Add the cassava pieces and let it sit for at least 4 hours. You can try it to make sure all the flavours are balanced the way you like.

Then pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees and put it in, cook until golden and crunchy serve warm.


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