Green rice

Spinach rice a.k.a green rice…..So,¬†Little man loves rice and this is one way I can get some greens into him too.

You will need:
Rice (one cup)
Spinach (one large bag)
Green chilli, cashews (to taste)
Onion (two small)
Garlic (four large cloves)
Ginger (thumb size)
Asafoetida, powdered cinnamon, powdered clove

Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds (one tea-spoon), asafoetida, cashews and minced onion. Once the onion softens add in minced garlic, green chilli and ginger. Cook the mixture. Add one small pinch of clove powder and one large pinch of cinnamon powder. Add in the chopped spinach, it can be fresh/frozen. Add in coriander, I add almost an entire bunch as it really adds to the flavour. Salt to taste.

green rice 1

Wash and soak rice, once the rice changes colour take it out in a sieve so all the water drains away.

green rice 2

Add the rice to the hot green mixture and pour boiling water over the rice mixture. The rice should be covered. Turn the heat down and put the lid on the pan.

green rice 3

Keep and eye on it, once the water is soaked up, if the rice is still a little uncooked add small amounts of water and cook.

Serve hot!
With yogurt or just as it is.


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