Fried goodness (puri)

This is the children’s favourite snack! Fried Goodness, a spicy snack.

Puri is an Indian fried bread. It tastes great on its own or with a curry. We love this as an indulgent brunch at the weekend.

puri 3

You will need;

  • Flour (one bowl full)
  • asafoetida
  • ajwain seeds
  • turmeric powder
  • chilli powder
  • salt
  • sugar, just a spoon full; it reduces the amount of oil thatĀ soaks up when you fry.
  • oil

Put the flour into a bowl, add in three table spoons of oil, mix the oil into the flour then add in all the dry spices. Add in the salt and sugar. I like to mix it all up before binding with water as I find this helps the spices blend into the flour evenly.

Pour in warm water slowly and bind the flour. It should be a firm consistency as you need to roll it.

Heat oil in a deep pan and keep it hot, ready for frying the rolled bread.

Take even sections of the flour mixture and roll them out. Try to make flat disc like shapes but don’t be too perfectionist about it.

puri 1

When the oil is hot add in the rolled bread but BE CAREFUL – you don’t want to splash any hot oil so try to “slip in” the discs from the side of the frying bowl . . . and fry until puffed and golden. Fried goodness.

puri 2




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