Eggs gone green

Green eggs, what??!!!

Growing up I was allergic to eggs, so I never really created a taste or learned to love them. Even now I don’t really enjoy them. Having said that I am aware that eggs are a great source of protein and are really quick and easy to cook. So I always want to incorporate them into my diet.

I decided to make fusion eggs. Inspired from my grandfather here is one way I have come to enjoy eggs.

You will need:
Green chillies
Cumin seeds

Crack and beat eggs, add in chopped chillies and chopped coriander. Salt and pepper to taste.
Heat oil in a pan add the cumin, (the key is to let it pop) I love cumin. Add in the egg mixture, and cook it through. Cook as an omelet or scramble in the pan.


Serve with bread!!!!

eggs 2


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