Days feel like years, years feel like days….

I have heard it said a lot…days feel like years, years feel like days….I really feel like it is true lately.

We have had a new baby in the family and it reminded me of when ours were little. The nights seemed so long and some days even longer. When you are in the thick of it, it seems like it will never end. You forget how little they actually were and it seems like a haze.

When you are in those moments you think it will never end and you keep wishing them away, it would be nice to hear “We have all been there, it will end. You may even look back at this time fondly.” 

We all have the days that are amazing, the ones what are calm the ones that your little person reaches a milestone.

If you are having a good day or bad day…. this day will end. You will have a new day tomorrow, enjoy today.


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