Crispy Noodles

When we go out I often like to get crispy noodles. I thought that I should try it at home and was pleasantly surprised with the result.

I got some dry egg noodles, and boiled them for a minute, just until they became loose.

Heat a wok, add one table spoon of sesame oil, one table spoon of normal oil, and some chilli oil.

When the oil mixture is hot add in the noodles, give them one quick toss to make sure they are coved with the flavoured oil and then leave them. Let them get hot, lift them gently to see if they have gone golden. When the bottom is golden try and turn them over to get the other side golden. They were yummy.


You can serve it with some stir fried veg, fish or chicken. Super fast noodles are tasty on their own too.

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