Chopping, only takes me a minute

I don’t actually mind chopping, but when you are in a hurry, have a lot to chop or if you don’t like chopping this little gadget is amazing!!

There are quite a few dicers in the market, there are ones that have lots of different attachments, automatic ones, the one that doesn’t do what it is meant to.

The Vidalia chop wizard is great! It is manual and simple with just two sizes. It makes chopping a walk in the park. The blades are sharp and get through potato with ease. You can wash the whole thing in the dish washer. Mine is well loved and still going strong.


You need a good amount of force to shut it when the items are placed on the blade, not a good idea for sensitive hands. Cleaning requires the use of the little plastic fork (it comes with) to get it super clean.

If you want a small, reasonably priced, reliable chopper… This is the one.


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