Cheap holiday fun = salt dough

Holidays are a time when you need to keep the children entertained. Here is a cheap fun way to do just that.

Salt dough

You will need; one cup of salt and one cup of plain flour, use water to bind it to the consistency you need. You can make it harder for younger children and softer and more malleable for older children. So you can use the dough with any age group. It is great to improve manual dexterity, and they also have to you use their imagination.

You can add glitter into the dough to make it sparkly.

If you are going to hang the finished item place a whole for the ribbon or a hook into the dough before you place it in the oven.

Bake the finished item for 12-14 hours, on the lowest heat your oven allows ~80 degrees. Once it is cooked let it cool completly and then your baba can paint it. Finally, add a coat of yacht varnish to make it waterproof.

There are so many things you can do with salt dough.

For you… you can place your baby’s hand print into the dough and make a keepsake.

For Baba… help them make a shape or a figure, write their name in the dough and hang it on their door.

For a gift…you can make cookie style shapes and engrave a message into it,  a tea light holder or even a jewellery bowl.

I think I enjoy using the dough more than my children.

The possibilities really are endless. Let your imagination run wild.

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