Brush time can be the longest two minutes twice day. We have to do it in the morning (while we are rushing to get out the house) and all over again before bed time (when we want them to go to sleep on time). While I am begging my children to brush their teeth… sometimes we have the good old, I don’t want to, and sometimes the one second brush, sometimes they just play with the water, and once in a while they actually brush.

So like any good parent… I went online to find some ideas to help me get brush time in to a productive tooth brush.

We found an app, there are a few out there. We use the Aquafresh app. The man doing the silly dance, makes little man laugh while he brushes. Unlocking new music and backgrounds if you brush for consecutive days, keeps little lady interested.

If you are having a problem, or if you are about to start brushing your little ones teeth this may help you too.


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