Breastfeeding cover

All new Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed as much as possible and for as long as possible. I fed both of my children until they were 7 months, it was hard work. I found bottle feeding them difficult as I would have to express and then sterilise, I found the extra steps tough to incorporate into my routine as a new Mum. When you are in private feeding is a pleasure. It is such an intimate time between you and you baba.

When you are in pubic finding a private space to nurse your baby can be difficult. A breastfeeding cover makes nursing so much easier as it makes feeding in public, private.

There are many breastfeeding covers available so what should you look for;

Something you can put on with one hand with little fuss. You may often find yourself with a crying baby and only one hand to put the cover on.

Something with plenty of material so when you are agusting your baby or helping baba re-latch is keeps you covered.

Something with enough space for you to see how your little one is getting on under there just because while you are feeding its nice for you to be able to see your baby, without taking it off or lifting it to expose you.

A thin material so your baby doesn’t feel stuffy under it. You can also use it as a blanket. I used to put it over the car seat when Little Man was sleeping.

Something you can machine wash because ‘they’ all throw up.


I used the L’oved baby nursing shawl. It is more like a poncho, it ticks all the boxed above. I loved mine.

What do/did you use?



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