Being a Mum of two; Part 3

Going out with Two

Going out with one child is hard, especially when there is a new arrival. I had a list on my phone that I would run through before I left the house, every-time! I just about got the hang of it, not needing to pull the list out, when we found out…… we were expecting again!

So now when I need to go out… What helps us?

Make a list

Plan Plan Plan

Go at times that suit your childrens’ routine. If it doesn’t work say NO, people will understand.

Keep it simple. When you go out with two the first few times, don’t go crazy. Stay close to home, learn from your mistakes. Go a little further the next time.

DO things they like. It makes life so much easier.

Using public transport. It needs more planning. However, when I have used the train, I have to say that I always get help. Kind people offering to help me take the pushchair down the stairs. Sometimes throwing yourself into the deep end works out.

Restaurants. Go at times that suit them, like their dinner time. Take toys and be willing to talk to them during the meal. Being in a child friendly restaurant always helps.

Grocery shopping. It needs to be done almost within the first week…. Do the bulk of it online and have it delivered. You can do little shops, always prepare the older child and make sure the baby is fed and has a clean nappy.

Everything said and done, follow your motherly instinct. It rarely fails!





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