Being a Mother of Two, Part Two

Part 2

So your new bundle of joy is here. What now?

The first three months.

Constantly communicate with your Mr.Man, this is harder than it sounds, but it is what will help the most during this time. Try to forgive him for not being a mind reader.

Get ready not to sleep, not to rest and be a zombie. Embrace the Zombie. 

The first week; I think this is the hardest, you think ‘you have done it before it will be easier the second time’. Yes, you have more experience, but this time you also have another little person to look after. So, when you finish with one, you have another little person who needs you. If you have a day where you have managed to brush your teeth… that is a good day.

Plan this week as best you can. If you are able to get help, take it.

Make a meal plan and understand that you only need to focus on what has to be done. Leave all the non-essential things for later.

When they are both asleep… SLEEP. If this means you are in bed at 7pm saying no to visitors, do that.

When you can, plan things that you can do with your older child. They ‘need’ you too.

The first month; You will get the hang of it faster than you think. The main advice I can think of is try and manage your time as best you can and make time for your older child. You don’t want them to feel neglected. Get them to help you from the beginning, this obviously depends on their age. Simple things like passing a nappy, opening it, pulling wipes out can all be made fun.

The second month; If you are still nursing you will be getting quality time with your little one. Routine becomes important at this point. You want to get them both into a routine where you can juggle both of their needs. Having one of them crying while the other one is needing you makes life so stressful, this will happen from time to time, but a good routine really helps reduce those ‘stress moments’.

The third month; Make time for you. You still need to have breaks, don’t feel guilty and make a little time just for you.

Finding sitters for two is harder than finding someone to watch one child. Take people up on the offer if you have help.

Making time for Dad is also important. There is only one of you and time always seems against you. Prioritise. Make time for you and your family and remember everyone/everything else will understand.

The first three months are tough, they will be over before you know it. So try to ENJOY IT. 

Any other questions or comments, let me know I would love to hear from you.


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