Beaba babycook

Hello Mummies!

Depending on when you feel is the right time, as well as advice from your doctor/midwife, your little one will need to be introduced to solids. Typically this is around the 4-7 month time. If your baby is a normal weight the advised time to start weaning is at 6 months. At this time you would just start with baby rice as time goes on you would introduce different fruit, vegetables and meat.

Weaning is fun. It is also hard work. There are many ways to introduce food to your baba; while jars are readily avaliable, making food at home is a great way to introduce your baby to new foods. This way you know exactly what they are eating. Having said that, time is such an important factor when you have so much to do. The Beaba babycook┬áis a quick system that steams and purees all in one. The best thing about this machine is its’ simplicity!


  • You prepare (wash/peel/chop as you wish) all your veg and put it in the steamer.
  • Add water in the water section.
  • Steam for the recommended time (which is given in the booklet).
  • Then empty the contents into the bottom part of the machine. Blitz it into a puree.
  • Baby food is ready to serve.

I often walk around the baby jar section in the supermarket to get ideas of fruit and veg combinations to then make at home later using the Beaba. Little lady used to love blueberry and pear. Little man likes apple and pear to which I also add a tiny bit of cinnamon. The way I used to add carbohydrates into their diet was to steam the vegetable combination and then add rice or pasta to the blitz section, then add the steamed vegetables and blitz.

You can make a few batches at a time and freeze it. Then pour the puree into an ice-cube tray and once they are frozen empty the cubes into a zip-lock. When you need them you can take out as many cubes as your baby will need.

I found the Beaba so easy to use I could make fresh food everyday.

While it is on the expensive side my beaba babycook has lasted me almost 3 years, been used a lot and is still going strong.

There are other machines that do a very similar thing. If you don’t want to invest in this you can steam in a pan and blitz using kitchen appliances you already have. I like the Beaba as I felt my baby’s cooking method was specifically for her/him, avoiding any worries about cross-contamination (we use loads of spices in our home).

Hope this helps. Let me know what you use and what your baba’s favourite combination is.


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