Back to work blues (part 2)

So over the last week we have been trying to implement things that we think will help Little Lady behave, as she has been playing up and we were putting it down to me returning to work.

Making time for our Little Lady really helped, I would say this was the most fun way to get her back to her bubbly self. On the days that I was not working I would make an extra effort in the morning as this is the time that she enjoys the most. From just a chat, to getting ready and leaving the housework and going out!

I also told her if she was good the whole day while I was at work, when I got home from work she may get a present! I made the effort to pick something up and I only gave it to her when I was told she was good (in her presence). Positive reinforcement!

This week we only made realistic suggestions of punishment and followed through quickly. Over the past few weeks I was making unrealistic punishments and I think she had realised that I was not going to be able to follow through. Over the last week when she misbehaved, (I took a deep breath) I tried to only think of a realistic punishments. The first few, I had to follow through, and the difference within the hours that followed was profound!

I am a fan of super nanny! So naturally we also bought back the naughty step.

All in all she is a fantastic little girl (I would say that, I am her mother), over the last week I have fallen in-love with her even more.

If you are a parent returning to work I hope this helps. I think that all children just miss us, so need an extra dose of LOVE to help them with back to work blues.


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