Arrabbiata Sauce

When we go to an Italian restaurant I always order the same thing. Penne arrabbiata, so I thought I should try and make it myself! It’s a a spicy garlicky tomato sauce! What is there not to love about that!?

Here is how I make my version of arrabbiata sauce.

You will need, 
Two onions
Two sticks of celery
One carrot
Four large cloves of garlic
Two tins of chopped tomatoes
Fresh red chilies
Fresh basil leaves
Chilli flakes
Olive oil

Chop all of the veg, I chop mine in my chopper.
Heat some olive oil in a pan.
Add Italian herbs and chilli flakes.
Add the onion, carrot and celery, cook until they soften.
Add the garlic and let the flavour simmer together.
Add the tins of tomatoes. (It has to be tins! Fresh tomato doesn’t create the right consistency)
Let it all cook until the oil separates. You can also add some water and continue to cook it.
Add the fresh basil and red chilies!
Cook it until it becomes mushy. You may need to add some more oil.

Cook the pasta and mix in.

Penne Arrabbiata


I also keep some water from the boiled pasta, it really helps make the sauce thick.

This makes quite a lot of sauce, I like making a big batch as it freezes really well. When I am in a hurry all I need to do is defrost the sauce and boil pasta. Nom…Nom…Nom…



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