Am I fun enough?

Last week Mr.Man came home and my children went crazy! Jumping up to give him a high five, running to pick out their favourite toys (of the hour), that they could all play with together, followed by Mr. Man pretending to be a horse that they were both riding… Bath time was followed by who could jump the highest on the bed, then there was story time with lots of funny voices. It really got me wondering am I fun enough?

As a mother, I feel like I am full-filling so many different rolls, in a limited time. Am I not being fun? My day is filled with the school run, the grocery shop, when I get home from work I am cooking and cleaning. In a world where we are all multi-tasking are we forgetting to just stop… and enjoy our children?

The week that followed I have tried to make an effort to have fun or be silly, I think I find it harder as it is not my ‘role’ but I tried…. and…. I loved it.

  1. I would give myself allocated time to just play.
  2. Have one thing that I wanted to do with them that day. Even it is just reading a book.
  3. Try and wake up early, so some chores were finished before they would wake up.
  4. Buying interactive games that I would have to get involved in.

It really is worth putting the other roles on the shelf and just having fun with them. I have had a great week. I am looking forward to doing it even more this week during half-term.




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