Accident and Emergency with a little one

A and E with a little one……Unfortunately at some point you may need to go to the dreaded hospital for an emergency! It is particularly scary when you need to go for your little one.

Our little man caught Croup (a viral infection that effects the larynx! Diagnosed by a barking cough, this virus can constrict the windpipe) so, we have had one of those weeks. We had a night, where we had to take him to  A and E!!! Here are a few things that helped us…

  • If you are in doubt, call an ambulance. With little children things can get bad fast, don’t risk the traffic/panic/drive if you think it is a close call! You will know when an ambulance is required.
  • When the moment comes, try and stay calm. They really feed off your energy/mood/stress/panic.
  • Take money (change for car parks), mobile (calls to family/friends), keys.
  • Take toys, especially anything that comforts them. Blankets are great.
  • Take snacks and water. You never know how long you are going to be there. Although this is the last thing on your mind, when you are stuck it really helps.
  • Take your littles ones changing bag, nappies, wipes, a spare set of clothes.
  • Take a minute if you can, before you run out the door.  Think, make sure you have what you need to survive the next few hours.

I hope that you do not need to use this, if you do… I hope this helps. In case of absolute emergency, if you forget everything else,  you need to remember all they really need is you, the other stuff can be gathered later.


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