20 things you learn to accept as parents

20 things you learn to accept as parents…

There are many things you accept/ learn/ do as parents… Here are the ones that tickle me.

Talking about poo: it’s normal no matter where we are or what time it is, or who is in the room…. We talk about poo!

Cold coffee: well when it is made it is warm, then the children call me, or I am don’t 4 things at the same time and forget about my coffee. It’s only when I see the cup, I remember. Microwave…..

Cold food: however much you try, you get up at least 3 times during every meal!

Eating a meal in 10 minutes: when they both need me, I need to practically inhale my food. I just eat faster now. Even when I am not with the children.


Eating in restaurants when no one else is there: we eat at restaurants at 5:30, our company at this time are other parents. The ambiance is completely different. They are a lot emptier than at 8pm!


Singing nursery rhymes even when children aren’t there: yes, I do!

Walking around like a zombie: especially when they both wake up one after the other during the night.

Not actually replying to texts: I mentally reply. Then realise that I haven’t actually replied. I read things on my phone…. Then get distracted. Tut tut tut!

Carpeted floors- with no stains: we have floors, thankfully. So wiping up food, mud stains and other things are so much easier.

Put your cute handbags away: my bags are now used as a mini house. I have beakers, toys, snacks, clothes…. I just need a huge bag. That can be treated a little tougher than I would like.

Walking around with snot and vomit on you: that is normal right? It’s not my own….

Watching an entire to show, undisturbed/ loudly: when we want to watch things they are sleeping. Volume has to be controlled, much to Mr.Man’s disappointment.

Knowing more about children’s programs: and characters than adult programmes.

Cinema: what’s that?

Using the bathroom with out and audience: TMI! Sorry.

Silence: need I say more?

An immaculate home: eventually you give up, you tidy things and they take them out, you tidy again and the take them out…. So you wait…

Constantly doing Laundry: how many clothes do little people use?

Cooking different meals: because they just don’t eat everything we eat yet, I have to make their meals and ours.

Going out without them (if you are lucky enough) and having the feeling that you forgot something: you know the one that lingers in your tummy. Even though you haven’t…

Yes there are these things that all parents live with and probably many more…. Yet, they are worth it. One smile, one hug, and you know you would deal with all of this and so much more!!!


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