Hospital Bag List

It’s time to pack the bag, the one that goes with you to the hospital a.k.a the hospital bag. The hospital bag has all the items you need to help you bring your little one into the world. This bag is so important. Here is what I had in mine when we had little man.

I should just say, we had no bag when we bought our little lady into the world. I was so un prepared. She came two weeks early and well, we had nothing so if this does happen to you, don’t worry. The hospital have things to get you by until some one is able to pop out and buy you the things you need. The second time the bag was ready 3 months in advance.

What to pack for you:

Birth plan and notes: the ones that you have been carrying for the last 6 months.

A night-dress/ something to give birth in: don’t buy something special, it will get dirty.

Change of clothes: Something comfortable. Nothing tight.

Going home outfit.

Night-dress to sleep in if you have to stay overnight, something that opens at the front would be better for breast feeding.

Slip on slippers or flip flops.


Phone and charger, anything else you would like to pass time with; book, magazine, music, downloaded video that you would want to watch.

Toilet bag:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair brush
  • Hair band
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Lip balm

Pillow or anything else that would comfort you.

Nursing bra and breast pads as well as nipple cream.

Maternity pads and comfortable pants.

Money; I would just keep a note folded, just incase.

For your birth Partner:

Snacks: they may be waiting a while.

Comfortable clothing.

Phone and Charger: so they can tell the World the good news when the time is right.

Camera to take pictures in the first few moments.

Water spray: Evian do one, it’s nice just to spray during labour. It’s cooling and refreshing. I didn’t use this but lots of women I have spoken to liked having it with them.

For the new arrival :)

3-4 sleep suits and vests.

Nappies at least 10.

Cotton balls, wipes are too harsh for a new born.

Blanket: new borns like to be swaddled.

Muslins: I love the Sainsbury ones. We tried some from a few different brands the Sainsburys ones were my favourite.


Coat for winter babies.

Car seat: They do not let you leave the hospital without it! We used the Maxi cosi Pebble.

Go through the bag with your birth partner. Show them where everything is, so they are ready to go!

Hope this helps.






Yummly the best app

If you love cooking, making different things and sometimes get stuck when faced with the monumental task of deciding what to cook, this is the app for you. I spend so much time with this app. Download it and let me know what you think. Yummly !!!

Yummly allows you to browse through recipes that are organised in a great easy way. The site is easy to navigate and browsing through recipes is made fun. You can also yum recipies that you want to cook and save them for later.

Have a look and see what you think. What are you cooking tonight? We are having jacket potato with mushroom and spinach filling (my own recipe, which I look forward to sharing with you soon).



Third Birthday

Having children and knowing what to do is often just a learning curve. Trial and error. Not that we ever want our children to know that!

Little lady just had her third birthday! Here are a few things we have learnt along the way, I hope this helps when you are planning the big day for your little one.

  1. Control the size of the party; too many people often leave your little one feeling shy and deprived of the attention that they want from you, as you have so much to juggle
  2. Food; keep it simple- you don’t want to spend your day in the kitchen and not doing something that would make your little one happy
  3. Plan the day; make a plan for the day in advance and keep as much ready as you can. So the morning of the birthday you are not running around.
  4. Plan and wrap the gift and card; I know if sounds obvious but this year we left it a little late. lets just say it got close!

Birthdays can be full of laughter and fun as long as they are planned. The pressure of making it a great day can sometimes mean you have so much to juggle and there is a lot of stress.

SO: Keep it simple , Plan and Prepare!

Hope this helps. What have you done for your little ones birthday. What is on your list of things to do?



From milk and water to solids. It is a journey that we all take with our children and one that really can be fun. Introducing new foods and seeing their reactions to it. Creating delicious dishes for your baby.

I used the Gina Fords weaning book and the beaba machine. Both of these made my journey fun. The book takes you through step by step.

Big Tip: If you are stuck what recipes to create look at the baby jars and copy them. This week I made pasta with tomato sauce.

More weaning tips coming soon. Let me know what helps you.





Dior Lips!

Dior Lip Glow has changed my world. It is a clear balm that you can use on the go without a mirror. It is super hydrating and enhances the colour of your lips. It is a fantastic product.

It is a little on the expensive side but OMG! I love it. What is your go to lip product? This is fast becoming one of my favourites. I think partly because it is so easy and so fuss free and works on anyone.

Just thought I would share one of my favourites!