From milk and water to solids. It is a journey that we all take with our children and one that really can be fun. Introducing new foods and seeing their reactions to it. Creating delicious dishes for your baby.

I used the Gina Fords weaning book and the beaba machine. Both of these made my journey fun. The book takes you through step by step.

Big Tip: If you are stuck what recipes to create look at the baby jars and copy them. This week I made pasta with tomato sauce.

More weaning tips coming soon. Let me know what helps you.





Dior Lips!

Dior Lip Glow has changed my world. It is a clear balm that you can use on the go without a mirror. It is super hydrating and enhances the colour of your lips. It is a fantastic product.

It is a little on the expensive side but OMG! I love it. What is your go to lip product? This is fast becoming one of my favourites. I think partly because it is so easy and so fuss free and works on anyone.

Just thought I would share one of my favourites!


amazing bottle

He took it!! He took it!! The bottle of wine is almost with in reach.

After months of trying to get little man on the bottle, I seem to have found one that works.

Lansinoh have done it again! It is the Lansinoh Momma bottle. What an amazing bottle! The teat looks completely different, it is SO soft and not very expensive.

He seemed to take to it right away. Fingers crossed this is it. It does say that you can easily switch from breast to bottle and back again. I am hoping to keep feeding at night for a little while. I will let you know how we go. But for now I am on happy Mamma!

I hope this helps you.


Get rid of smells

Once you have finished cooking the lingering smell is one you may want to get rid of. Opening windows and doors helps, but is not always an option in England. Candles can get expensive, and sprays/ chemicals are not always something you would want to turn to especially with young children in the house. I have found an amazing cheap, child-friednly, fast and effective way to get rid of smells.

Take a steel pan and fill it with water, add one cap of fabric softener and leave it on a medium heat for as long as you like, when the water evaporates you can just add more water. As the water evaporates the whole house smells of the softener that you have added to the water. It is a great way you get rid of smells.

Try it and let know what you think.

Another idea; when you finish with lemons or limes or even oranges save the peel and add that to a pan with water with cinnamon. It is not as intense, but still effective.

How do Mums get things done?

Away again, I am sorry. Weeks go by… I want to blog but the children need me, Mr. Man needs me and the family and friends need me. The blog suffers :( How do I get things done??!!

My question is how do Mums who blog get a blog done? Actually no, this is to all the women out there who juggle a job and still continue doing other things. Who manage their time so well they are able to achieve things outside of their ‘9-5′ job! I just want to say well done ladies, keep up the good work.

I am going to try and make more time for my blog but if you have any tips that could help me. let me know in the comments section please. When I have a few extra minutes in the day, I don’t reach out for my laptop, I reach for the hoover or wash dishes or finish a job that I left half way as one of the children needed me. It is almost Midnight my son will be up in an hour for a feed but I really wanted to get a short blog out there.

Hope you all are well. I hope to be writing more very soon.