Roast potatoes

Roast potatoes are a comfort food. Crunchy, mushy, yummy comfort food. This is my take on them to and they are super fast too!

You will need; Potatoes, oil, salt, pepper and chilli powder if you want.

I use new potatoes, because they are smaller and cook faster.

Cut the potatoes, new potatoes often just need to be cut in half, coat them with oil. Add salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste. Mix them to make sure they are evenly coated. Pour them on to a baking tray.

Roast Potatoes

Pre-heat the oven to 180-190 degrees

Add the roast potatoes to-be in. Leave them for 10 minutes then take them out and ‘shake em all about’ put them back in for another 5 ‘shake em all about’ take a knife and see if they are cooked. I use a butter knife and see if it slices through with ease. If it does not put them back in for a further 5 minutes.

Roast potatoes cooked

Voila! Enjoy.

The dreaded POTTY! Potty training

Potty training!! Oh the dreaded potty!!

The job that NO parent looks forward to. Its tough, tiring, repetitive  and something you really have to perceiver with, it is the job that HAS to be done. Summer is coming… if your baba is ready, try and train them this summer!

There are so many books on the subject just to confuse us a little more. So… Where to start.

When we trained our little lady I used the Gina Ford method. Even if your a Ford sceptic its worth a read. I read the book before I started, (I would advise you to do the same, if you want to use this method) and I did it in just over two weeks! I have spoken to a few Mums and they have all had positive things to say about the Ford method. Above all at this tough time follow your instincts on what is best for you and your baby.

The book is called potty training in one week 

Some tips from me to you.

Be patient. Potty training is so frustrating. I went through moments where I really wanted to snap. Take a deep breath and keep going. Especially when they have accidents. Keep anti-bacterial wipes around the house.

Do all your preparation before hand. Not only things you need for training but also some cupboard food. In the first few days even going out of the house to get some milk seemed impossible to me.

Keep going don’t give up however tempted you are. Try to start only when you are able to dedicate time.

Hope this helped, good luck!!

Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes and what helped you.





Out the house in a hurry

Having to go out and trying to look presentable becomes a tough ask sometimes. I often find myself covered with a combination of food, baby vomit, snot and a variety of things you DON’T want to be covered in at all, least of all when you have to go out.


There are a few things that I keep handy to try and look presentable quickly.


  • Keep a spare pair of clothes, ironed and ready to go. So if you need to get ready in a hurry its ready. Clean and smelling nice.


  • Body mist, now available from Body shop, Victoria’s secret and few other shops. Find a scent that you like and spray it as and how you need it. I love spraying some just before I go to sleep. It freshens you up even when you do not have time.


  • Sometimes making time to have a shower is tough let alone making time to wash your hair…Dry shampoo is amazing for these moments. Even if you don’t normally use it keep some in the house. You can even get a little travel size one. They revive your hair super fast! I like baptist.


  • Face wipes. They help you freshen up and also take make-up of super fast. When you get home and don’t have time to do your full routine. They come to the rescue.


  • Minimal make-up maximum impact. Pick make-up that makes a big difference and skip the other bits. I don’t use a lot of makeup buy some of my favourites are; concealer, mascara, blusher and a lip-gloss.If I have time I love me some eyeliner too!! If you use foundation try a tinted moisturiser to save time.


Hope this helps!!!


What do you do to save time when you are getting out the house in a hurry?



Shopping lol Shopping?

I love shopping, but now… it is not so much fun.

If you take a two year old shopping they get bored… once that happens… which takes about 10 minutes no 2 minutes, the fun stops. The questions begin, the demands start.

We tried to go shopping yesterday and this is what happened.

We got there and then… It began…

“I need to do a wee wee”

Even though you went just before we left the house! I think while rolling my eyes

“Let’s go shopping”

‘We are shopping’ I say in my mind and giggle

“Let’s go home”

We only got here 10 minutes ago, I sigh, roll my eyes and think of the essential things I need.

“I’m hungry” 

“We just had lunch” time to get out some snack…

“I need water” moans little lady

“OK, here is your beaker”

“I want juice” little lady says

When this fails the running around begins!!!


Thank you INTERNET!! I am now ONLY shopping online now.

On a serious note if you find that you are going out and need to buy things. To avoid having a complete disaster make a list. Once the list is ready you can plan your shop, which means you can avoid your little one getting bored. Take snacks and toys. Snacks that they can eat on the go keeps them busy for a while. Try and make sure the snacks don’t make to much mess. The last thing you need is food stains on items that you are not buying. My little one loves rice cakes. Toys will also buy you some more time. Take a few so that you can swap them when they get fed up with one.

Happy Shopping


Tangles solved

Tangles are everyones nightmare and when you have to take them out of someone else’s hair it is even harder. Especially when that person screams the entire time… Like my little lady! De-tangling shampoo and conditioner help a little. The hair brush!!! Oh the hair brush.

So when we discovered the Tangle Teezer it changed our life. The screaming stopped almost right away. My daughters hair is curly so when she wakes up and when it is washed her hair is really knotty.

Tangle Teezer is a fantastic hair brush, available in a variety of sizes and colours. Check them out if you or your little one has hair that it tough to brush through.